Martin Eisele

Events / Magic-Concepts

An event for a company, a hotel/restaurant or even a private party, all of them have their different requirements, challenges and needs. I have a wide base and have for almost every event a concept that will fit.

The quality is for me very important and due to this I don't just say yes to everything. If I have the feeling that the requested event does not fit to me or my kind of magic, I tell this the customer and I recommend another artist, who fits better!

Due to the many years of experience with different kinds of events, I'm supporting you of course with my expertise. During the last years my network around events was growing, and I'll let you participate on that.

Below you will find the concepts, which worked out in the past very well. These are of course just suggestions and can be combined/altered in any way! Of course, you will get a custom-made concept for your individual event!

Company Concepts (Company-, Christmas-, Customer-Party, ...)

No matter if you are planning a customer-event, a fair or a Inhouse-Training - you will find the perfect addition to it here! Every event has its own challenges and needs a good preperation.

Hotel- and Restaurant-Concepts

Here you find concepts esepcially designed for hotels and restaurants. I'd love to advise you, how a magician can be an enrichment for your business and what kind of possibilites there are:

Private Concepts

There are also special concepts for private Parties, such as weddings or birthday parties. No matter what, your spcial day will be a long lasting memory!