The interactive game-show!


I am pleased to introduce you to a new concept: The quiz nights with Bite!

The game is played like the "Who wants to be a Millionaire" - Principle: A question four possible answers and one or the other jokers.

The answers are logged in per table per touch-screen devices (iPads) and transmitted via WiFi / UMTS to the moderator. The table with the most correct answers wins.

A moderator will lead guests through the evening. The topic of the quiz night can be modified. It is possible to play special evenings like movie / sports / geography / history. Usually general questions will be played during the evening with approximately 40 questions from all different topics of varying difficulty.

Individualization of the questions is as possible.

Ideal for Christmas parties to reminisce the past year, as a kick-off event for a new series of seminars or for product presentation during a customer event.

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