Fair / Tradeshow

During the day, Booth-Party, Evening-Event

Fair / Tradeshow

How do you attract more poeple to your booth. How can you differntiate you from the booth of your competitor(s) and stay longer in the memory of your (potential) customers?

This any many more questions can be answered by magic! With magic I can attract the visitors attention and drag them into your booth. Also your products can be part of the presentation!

With personalized Give-Aways, where the visitors can later on do magic by themselfes, your advertisement success is guaranteed!

Your Advantages:


Let's round off the day in a relaxed atmosphere. With the help of close-up magic the guests can be entertained in small groups so that they can relax and enjoy themselves in your environment. The focus is on the social gathering with a long lasting impression.

Evening Event

Offer your guests the special Framework-Program. A combination of a show for all (frontal or stage performance) and the up-close experience when magic is performed directly at the tables of the guests and the laws of physics are unhinged. The guests will be talking about this evening for a long time!

Your products or services can of course be nonachalantly integrated in the performance, by using them as a prop or just by highlighting some features of it!

Impression from some fairs

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